M-DAT News

Increase in our Number of Agency Partners

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November 2017—During October we saw a 10% increase in the number of mission agencies using ShortTermMissions.com! This results from emails from our new marketing coordinator and a lot of activity from our social media specialist.

Words Heard Round the World

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July 2017—Are you familiar with the phrase 360-degree communication? Essentially it means that what I say where I stand at this moment will be accessible from anywhere in the world tomorrow (or sooner).

New Platform for Standards of Excellence

May 2017—Last summer we announced a formal partnership between several ministries supporting the short-term missions movement. Now we're happy to tell you about a recently completed merger between two of these: Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions, which you may know, and Delta Ministries, which carries a similar vision with complementary programs and staffing.

Half a Million Visitors


June 2017—We recently took some time to analyze the metrics that show us how well our services are reaching their audiences. I hope you’ll rejoice with us that traffic to ShortTermMissions.com made a 15 percent increase in 2016.

Mission Issues: 21 Classic Articles

April 2017—We're happy to share with you these 21 articles, the "best of" a larger collection originally commissioned or assembled in the 1980s. They address questions aspiring missionaries continue to ask about agencies, church, debt, parents, and much more.