Our primary program service,, helps people take a step forward in mission involvement by participating in a one-week to three-year mission opportunity.

The website serves thousands of people each month and ranks as the #1 search result for "short-term missions" in Google™. It features a mission trip search tool that helps people quickly find an opportunity that matches their gifts and calling.

The web site provides users free access to current details on hundreds of trips published by more than 100 organizations. In a nutshell, a person desiring to be involved in missions can sift through hundreds of short-term mission opportunities and find ones that both interest and fit them in a matter of minutes. contains guidance and advice to encourage and assist aspiring missionaries. After releasing a rudimentary version of the website, we are now expanding it to include video clips with advice from experienced missionaries, a mission organization directory, and an interactive tool for identifying steps individuals need to take as they prepare to go. contains more than 600 answers from experienced missionaries to questions about mission service. It offers timely help and advice for tomorrow’s missionaries.




Propel, M-DAT's quarterly publication, addresses key issues and obstacles faced by believers who seek active involvement in world missions. Designed to keep mission vision alive and growing and keep folks posted with what is happening at M-DAT.