Summary Reports

Short Term Missions Search Summary Reports

The reports below provide insights into the search criteria used by people looking for short-term mission trips on

Spring 2016 Report
Subreport: Growing interest in longer trips?

Older Reports
Over a period of four years the staff at M-DAT carefully analyzed and compared the 80,000 to 90,000 searches made on during the peak traffic months of January through April.

Comparing the above reports one will find that most of the categories searched for remain consistent over the years except for one, the countries most searched for. The other categories vary a little each year and over several years can show slow trends.

When significant changes were made to our website function and design, we stopped producing reports of this type, using other metrics and methods in their place.

Spring 2011 Report
Spring 2010 Report
Spring 2009 Report
Spring 2007 Report